Peer-Reviewed Publications

Pushing the Boundaries

Searching for Housing in the Most Segregated Metropolis in America 

"Coming Out of My Shell"

Motherleaders Contesting Fear, Vulnerability, and Despair through Family-Focused  Community Organizing. 

Deferring Felony Prosecution

A Process Evaluation of an Innovative Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Program 

"I Went Through it so You Don’t Have To"

Faith-Based Community Organizing for Ex-Offender Rights 

Narratives of Commitment

 Looking for Work with a Criminal Record 

Published Research Reports and Reviews

Book Review

 $2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America 

Women and Reentry

Evaluation of St. Leonard’s Ministries Grace House Program 

Process and Impact Evaluation

 An Evaluation of the Cook County State's Attorney’s Deferred Prosecution Program 

Section-8 in the Suburbs

 The Milwaukee County Security Deposit Assistance Program as an Incentive 

Take a Chance on Me

A Review of the Milwaukee County HOME Security Deposit Assistance Program